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MMXX : Year Zero

by Doodseskader

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Lepers 05:11
Some things you do 
Made me feel sorry
 There’s something ‘bout you 
That made me bite back before Some things you've said
Made you look ugly
 Something’s gone bad
 Which you can not turn back no more What if I made you cry for me? What if I made you feel lost? Left arm, right hand, cut, done I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done I left you a letter You will be sorry for Hope it makes you feel better Thought you should know I was unable to forgive you Be prepared to start aching your part - I hope you ache your part - You’ve never loved me 
I leak my life away
 Nothing else to dream about
 I’m dying anyway
 Push me from the ledge
 Sorry you should be
 will keep the water running 
For you to wipe the blood from me You ache your part.
Meat Suit 05:02
I beat a man by the tram tracks once Stomped his fucking stomach ’til his spirit seemed gone He said he’d show me how a real man walks Spat a lot of words when mine were sparse But The devil never screams He whispers softly in your ear He says “First comes the pain and now the devil is here” 50 minutes by foot and now I’m home Numb my fucking skull until the devil is gone I don’t even care because there’s nothing to be won The pain remains the same Until my heaven will come Who are you to speak? Words mean nothing when your brain’s asleep Tell me, who are you to judge? We’re all stacking bodies, I just dive in head first Sick to my stomach, I’m sick of myself Money in abundance, I’m in need of help Said “could you show me how a real man walks?” Might seem suicidal but I’m ready to talk. Is it your light I’m basking in? Am I alone with you? Sun sets, it’s alright I’m blacking out Stay with me I’m cutting all ties with the herd - No more sympathy I need release, we’re meant to be free - Chains weigh my hands I’m cutting all ties with those who live - Tears like a downpour Who dares to see me for what I am? I’ll be cutting off my hands So my mind is free. There is a point where we’re not the same: Your stomach is full - I’ll feed on the pain.
The place where you are at will keep forgiving Every little step you took you’ve failed - but hey that’s living It’s a dull phase and a dull time you’re going through Could it be That you’re that different from me? What if it’s true? You’re passing out, the less you feel, The better it gets when you’re not here Who to be? Well you’re part of it Who to be? Well you’re all of it Who to be? Well you’re calling it Who to be, who to be, who to be? It’s a pity to keep watching you While you always fall behind I’m not ready to give up on you But I can’t hide that all the time Different problems on a different plate But you just piss about it’s shine You’re just to damn fucking fine I’d be sorry Living passed you Or beside you I’ve seen it coming Must have passed you or surprised you I’d be worried Living like you To be like you
Tranendal 04:34
The dark in here is sucking the life from me The poison of minds, it cripples me, I can’t see Who goes there? Where night moves? Flesh feels warm - like you. Who gives all? Like I do? Body and soul. When it no longer stings I bet a knife would bring my eyesight back The scent of peril now draws me in, keeps my mind on track No innocence is left in me. No longer innocent. Just end me. I’ve seen the world through red eyes When my mind is on fire Now I no longer am me - but it’s become all I know I’m giving all that I’ve got in waves of violent rage I go under - oh, Mercy, please hear me Feelings bleed out I just love the taste of iron in my mouth Please just end me You said the truth would bring us closer to God But all that I can see Is how life ripped me apart and hid my heart away from me I seem much less My thoughts, this mess I keep my hate inside and a weapon beside my bed I’ve long been ready to die Broken people never bend I’m clamping my hands around your neck In fear
Sunblind 04:02
I’d get cold feet too if I’d be dead in the water Sins of the son committed with the knife of his father Born condemned, Karma cleaves another clean cut Senseless to the pain but my motherfucking spleen hurts Their minds quiet in suspended sleep Steadily sinking with their brick weighted feet Slave labour as far as the eye can see An endless brutal penance for a life of evil deeds Point to the sky to show one you can trust - The comfort of a lie as a mortality crutch Ask me “who am I?”, just another one who’s fucked I don’t really want to die, I’m just fed up with the hurt. So quit talking please It’s no use, ‘cause I’ve heard enough Hollow life feels great, but it’s a bitter pill to chew Nothing, nothing you do Could make my heart beat like before I feel nothing, do you? We’d better run that through. So paint my face with the blood, I made a calendar out of my wounds And all this time we’ve been looking up My downfall might aswel be you And every cut twice as deep The first I loved was the last to weep Life showed me no mercy Blood taught me I’m thirsty



DOODSESKADER is the new brand of sonic terror from the minds of Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Every Stranger Looks Like You,…) and Sigfried Burroughs (Kapitan Korsakov, The K., …). After 16 years of friendship, the pair have joined forces to carve a barbarous sound like no other.

Seamlessly blending the punishing nature of sludge and metal with elements reminiscent of 90’s grunge and hip hop, the aptly named DOODSESKADER successfully create a sound that is far bigger than their modest instrumentation.

Their first record “MMXX : Year Zero” offers an unsettling yet satisfying glimpse into their brutal and unforgiving universe. Sonically existing in the same realms as Code Orange, Death Grips, Ghostemane, Show Me Your Body and Xibalba, they offer a new take on this style with their tasteful inclusion of melody amongst the calculated chaos.

Recorded & mixed at Much Luv Studio (Amenra, Brutus, Throane) and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker), this 26-minute debut marks the arrival of the band in monumental terms.


released December 11, 2020

Recorded and mixed by Tim De Gieter at Much Luv Studio
Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden

Design & Layout by Benoit Vangeel
Illustrations by Bastard (Ruben Derycker)
Photography by Stefaan Temmerman


all rights reserved



Doodseskader Ghent, Belgium

DOODSESKADER (“death squad”) is the new brand of sonic terror from the minds of Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Every Stranger Looks Like You,…) and Sigfried Burroughs (Kapitan Korsakov, The K., …).


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